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Chicago-based ImBlackInTech Membership Network is a global membership organization that supports, celebrates and educates Black & Latinx founders of emerging tech startups and technology professionals.

ImBlackInTech members, who span 40+ states and 6 countries, have raised and generated over $415MM to date in their startups.

​While over 90% of ImBlackInTech's 19 unique event series based trainings are focused on entrepreneurs, ImBlackInTech rounds out its offering with programs for corporations and the technology professionals they serve. Through its two corporate initiatives, The Corporate Series and TalentMatch 2.0, ImBlackInTech partners with leading corporations to provide tactical career advancement training from certified professionals for their current employees, and curated talent-matching solutions to connect them with a diverse pool of potential future hires.

Apply for membership at ImBlackInTech.com.
Support our mission at Patreon.com/imblackintech.